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What is the Northern Powerhouse?

The Northern Powerhouse is a proposal to boost economic growth in the North of England by the 2010-15 coalition government and 2015-20 Conservative government in the United Kingdom, particularly in the “Core Cities” of Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield. The proposal is based on urban agglomeration and aims to rebalance the UK economy away from London and the South East.The government has pledged to “make the cities of the north a powerhouse for our economy again” and is prepared to invest significantly to make it a reality.

George Osbourne has stated:

“The Northern Powerhouse can’t be built over-night. It’s a long-term plan for a country serious about its long-term economic future.”
“It means jobs and prosperity and security for people here over future decades.”
“And I promise you this – I will work tirelessly with anyone across political divides in any of these great cities to make the
Northern Powerhouse a reality.”

Waterhouse are proud to be part of this initiative in bringing economic growth to Leeds and the North of England.