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History – By John Waterhouse, Chairman

WATERHOUSE, or as it was originally referred to – H Waterhouse & Sons – was established in 1853 by my Great Grandfather, Henry Waterhouse, who was born in 1831, so he was 22 when he started the business. The business has always been based in the village of East Ardsley, which is technically in Leeds, originally part of the Morley Corporation, but has a Wakefield address, so we are betwixt the two.

WATERHOUSE is now probably the oldest still original family owned Construction Company in The North of England. For a large percentage of the history of the Company, it was located on Bradford Road opposite Woodhouse Lane in three large stone houses called, Hopefield, Southfield and West Dene, surrounded by a collection of workshops, including blacksmiths, joiners shops, saw pit, stables etc.

The business moved to its present premises at Ideas House, 98 Bradford Road (an ex Public House called “The Black Swan”) in the 1930s and the family sold its final interest in the stone houses and former workshops on “Waterhouse Corner” as it was referred to, in the 1970s, through retaining the land.

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