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Industrial Refurbishment

WATERHOUSE undertakes full Industrial Refurbishments in the North of England and London, ensuring there is minimal disruption to your business during the process and that the end result suits the needs of the company. The expert management team at WATERHOUSE ensures that the project is delivered on time and within the specified budget, whilst the Design Team makes effective use of space and resources to create effective storage or workplace/manufacturing solutions and an aesthetically pleasing design that meets industry standards.

WATERHOUSE takes on both budget Industrial Refurbishments and more advanced and specific Refurbishments covering all types of companies. Our aim is to create modern, safe spaces which strictly adhere to industry guidelines, whilst maintaining an efficient use of space and creating a pleasant atmosphere in which to work. These Projects include both the Industrial Space of the warehouse or building and the Refurbishment of the Office Pods.

Frequently we are involved in Refurbishing a Property to Relet/Market. Specific works include Extensions or Demolition, Roofing repairs & renewals including rooflights, guttering and flatroofing, Cladding repairs & renewals, removal or installation of Racking, repair & repainting/cleaning of Flooring, repairs & renewals of Lighting & Heating, Fire Exits & Doors, Decorations, Refurbishment of Toilets/Washrooms/Canteens, Office Pod Refurbishment, External Refurbishment including Car Parking, Hardstandings, Roadmarkings/Lining, Landscaping, Fencing & Gates. Roller Shutter Doors, Asbestos removal/encapsulation, Cut Edge Corrosion Repairs.

Case Studies

1. PACE – Eco Office & Building Refurbishment (Saving 40% Energy)
2. PACE GYM – FIT FOR BUSINESS – Employee Engagement Building Refurbishment
11. GREENWORKS – Green & ECO Initiatives. Saint Gobain Training Academy, Birmingham