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Reception & Entrance Refurbishment

The Reception & Entrance Area is where clients get their first impression of your business, and with an ever-increasing number of companies in The North of England and London it is all the more important to stand out as a professional company and maintain/achieve a Corporate Identity. At WATERHOUSE we believe in the importance of having a modern, aesthetically pleasing and practical Reception and Entrance Area, and with your vision and our expertise, this can be achieved. Whether you desire a high-tech, minimalist or opulent design, the team at WATERHOUSE will see this through.

The Reception Area can be one of the most abused and under-used area in an office, but with effective Interior Design and Refurbishment this can be resolved. WATERHOUSE complete full Reception & Entrance Refurbishments, or simple layout changes, with a team of experienced Tradesmen, Project Managers and Designers.

We can work to your own Specification or provide solutions including bespoke or “of the shelf” Reception Counters/Desks and appropriate Reception Seating & Assessories, Directory Boards & Signage.

Case Studies

1. PACE – Eco Office & Building Refurbishment (Saving 40% Energy)
5. WYG (White Young Green) Head Office – Office Refurbishment Including Reception, Meeting Rooms & Toilets
12. HSE – Government Agencies. Sheffield & Leeds Executive Regional Office Refurbishment
13. 36 PARK ROW – Leeds – The WOW Factor Reception & Common Area Building Interior Refurbishment
14. 36 PARK ROW – Leeds – The WOW Factor – Before & After 1-4
15. 8 ST PAUL’S STREET – Leeds
16. HOME GROUP – Leeds